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You won’t find model portfolios and cookie-cutter approaches when working with Guttman Financial. Rather than fit you to a product, We create customized financial strategies* that fit your unique needs.

Investment Management

Guttman Financial doesn't simply pick investment options and hand you a portfolio to manage. Through a personalized approach, we extensively research the thousands of opportunities available and determine your time horizon, comfortable level of risk, and short and long-term goals. We also carefully evaluate the associated costs and tax efficiencies as well as projected performance to design a customized strategy for you and your family. Once your portfolio is built, you’ll never have to wonder about how your investments are doing. Guttman Financial serves as your lifelong partner, regularly reviewing your investments’ performance and your progress as you pursue your goals.

Risk Management

Not only is it important to manage the risk of your investments, but also your personal risk. Risk can take many forms beyond investments: illness, accident, liability, and natural disasters, to name a few. If you don’t properly manage risk, you could jeopardize your financial future. It’s critical to ensure you have a plan to protect your assets and avoid potential financial losses. Through our affiliation with Phoenix Insurance Group, We have access to a wide array of insurance products and can help you determine what type of coverage is appropriate for your circumstances.**

Retirement Planning

Regardless of their age, many people are concerned about their future retirement. Will they outlive their money? Are they ready for the transition? Have they optimized their retirement income? These are just a few of the nearly endless financial issues you may face. There’s more to retirement planning than settling on a magic number. Beyond understanding when you can retire and how much you’ll need, there are many other elements that can affect your retirement, from Social Security to long-term care insurance. Through a comprehensive process, Guttman Financial asks the questions you may have not considered and evaluates the consequences you may not have foreseen. Our unique perspective is designed to help you make critical financial decisions.

Estate Planning

Beyond building wealth for their life, many people want to leave a legacy to their family and heirs. Critical to achieving this is an estate plan. An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies to save on probate fees but also aims to ensure that your assets transfer to your desired beneficiaries. We help you create a detailed inventory of your assets and who will receive what and when. We also work with your attorneys and accountants to help coordinate all of your planning needs. Our insight and initiative in leading your financial team is designed to result in a unified planning process.

Tax Planning***

Guttman Financial understands that you aren’t interested in paying more than your fair share of taxes. We can help you with tax strategies for today and tomorrow. Tax planning considers the tax implications of individual, investment, or business decisions, usually with the goal of minimizing tax liability. While decisions are rarely made solely on a tax impact, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the income or estate tax issues and costs involved. We can help you determine opportunities for minimizing federal income tax liability by reducing taxable income, deduction planning, investment tax planning, and year-end planning strategies.

*There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful or protect against loss in a declining market.
**Geneos Wealth Management is not affiliated with Phoenix Insurance Group.
***Neither Guttman Financial Group nor Geneos Wealth Management provides tax or legal advice. Guttman Financial works with you and your tax advisor or legal counsel to assist you.