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Being a Client

What is it Like Working with Guttman Financial Group?

At Guttman Financial Group, everything we do is centered on you and your needs. Through our affiliation with broker-dealer Geneos Wealth Management, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and provide the utmost transparency. Guttman Financial does not charge hidden fees nor do we recommend products unless we believe they align with your circumstances and goals. Guttman Financial represents you, and only you.

Beyond making your best interests our priority, we want to nourish strong, trusted, and responsive relationships with you. We do this by listening to you, teaching you, and staying in close contact with you.

Be heard and understood

Our priority is to thoroughly understand you, and the best way to do this is by listening. By asking a lot of questions, Jake can learn about you and your family. This helps him better understand what is important to you when helping strategize for your financial future.

A properly designed portfolio reflects both today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Rather than simply recommend investment options, Jake takes the time to learn about what type of investor you are. How much risk are you comfortable taking? Are you more focused on building or preserving your wealth? What is your time frame for pursuing your goals? These questions and more help us understand your specific financial needs and design personalized strategies.

Understand and make decisions with confidence

We want you to understand what makes us different. When creating your portfolio, it’s essential that you understand what we do, and how it will work for your benefit. We also strive to go a few steps further.

Jake spends a lot of time explaining financial concepts in plain English. By understanding your opportunities and strategies, he believes you can feel more engaged and more empowered to make informed decisions. Rather than sit on the sidelines, he wants you to take an active role in your financial life. He takes the time necessary to explain the reasoning behind his decisions. Once your strategies are in place, he regularly updates you on your portfolio’s performance and shows you where you are on your path toward your goals.

Stay informed and connected

As a boutique firm , we purposely keep our firm small so we can provide you with personalized service and attention. Although small, our relationship with Geneos Wealth Management and other strategic partners means we can offer the expertise and resources of a large firm. Combined with our experience and knowledge, we can handle a wide array of financial issues, from the simple to the complex. 

Although you receive the access to services of a large firm, don’t expect the sterile environment of an impersonal firm. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and family-oriented office atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable picking up the phone and talking to us anytime you have a question or concern.

While you can always contact our office, don’t be surprised when we reach out to you. Whether it’s a phone call, meeting request, or friendly email, we want to stay in touch with you. Jake is always thinking about you and your money, even when you are not.